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Speculations: More about Jolla coming soon

Something new can be expected soon from Jolla, the freshly unveiled Finnish smartphone company.

A week ago I wrote about the startup continuing Nokia’s work with MeeGo operating system. The startup got lot of attention from the media following mobile media and the fans on MeeGo and Maemo operating systems. Jolla even has six times the followers on Twitter than the Tizen project which is also a descendant of Maemo.

At Friday, before leaving for the weekend’s activities, Jolla’s tweeter sent an intriguing and mysterious tweet. The tweet let’s us expect something more to be unveiled by the company at monday.


Not much is known about Jolla by outsiders so my bet is they will give us some more information about the company. We don’t know anything about the investors behind the company. Or when exactly their first phone is coming out. Or what qualities the phone has. There’s just so much we don’t know yet.

This brings me to the conclusion that Jolla will publish their website at Monday. Until now they have Twitter and LinkedIn accounts where they have shared some basic information about the company. But since every self-respecting company has a website nowadays, I bet that’s what the Friday’s tweet referred to.

The design and specs of Jolla’s first phone will be published later this year and the investors will come out of the shadows when they see fit. If at all.

Or I might be totally wrong and nothing happens. We’ll see that tomorrow.


UPDATE: We didn’t get the website. Instead Jolla teamed up D.Phone group which is Chinas largest mobile phone retail chain. So Jolla’s upcoming phone will see its way into at least 2000 stores all over China. D.Phone expects to get a new fresh-feeling player in Crina’s mobile markets.


Jolla resurrects MeeGo

A new smartphone startup, Jolla, came out to the public yesterday. Jolla is a Finland-based company founded by ex-Nokia employees who have worked closely with the MeeGo-project Nokia quit earlier. These are the people behind Nokia’s first and last MeeGo-based phone, N9.

The word Jolla means a dinghy in Finnish. That might be the small boat MeeGo developer’s escaped from Stephen Elop’s burning oil rig…

Jolla was registered in April 2011 but they just now published their existence. The company doesn’t share their investor details yet so the only thing we know about the people behind the company is that it’s run by Marc Dillion, Nokia’s Principle Engineer for MeeGo until May 2012.

At the moment Jolla doesn’t have their own web site but you can follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn. Their Twitter-account got more followers than Tizen-project, in a few hours. Pretty good considering Tizen is years older than Jolla.

Jolla has announced that they will develop hardware and operating system. Hardware will be developed with partner-companies. The operating system will base on Mer-project and will have new user interface.

Latest news is the company is going to release their first phone later this year. Read More…