Microsoft’s new impact at the tablet markets

So, Microsoft came out with their very own tablet. They call it surface.


When compared to iPad, Android tablets haven’t succeed so well despite all the hype and expectations. Looks like the hardware or operating system separately doesn’t do the trick.

Microsoft uses the Apple recipe and provides hardware and operating system in one neat package. Of course there will be other Windows 8 tablet manufacturers later but Microsoft gets a head start. The moment Windows 8 hits the stores there will be Surface too. Other manufacturers come in later.

Microsoft published two versions of Surface which will confuse users who are not that into technology. There are several different versions of iPads, yes, but the most essential parts like external ports are similar in all of them. You get to choose between memory size and connectivity options. With Surface you have to choose weight, processing power and behavior as well as external ports. Now there’s a possibility that people start thinking which version of Surface they should buy.

That one doesn’t cost that much but does it have all the nice features the other one has? If I buy the more expensive one, is it really that much better than the other? Will I pay extra and get – Oh, hey! There’s that iPad everybody’s talking about.

For now it looks like there’s no built-in 3G in Surface. Maybe Microsoft forgot to mention a thing like that because it’s so obvious. Surely they must know what tablets are mainly used for. Don’t they?

With Windows 8 and it’s Marketplace, Microsoft aims to control the users’ software and content marketing as Apple and Google are doing already. That’s not necessarily a bad move and in fact it might make Microsoft a noteworthy competitor for Apple.

All in all, Surface will have a greater impact on Android tablets that it will have on iPad. Most likely Surface and other windows 8 tablets will eat the markets from Android rather than from iPad. My prediction is that in the near future iPad remains the number one tablet. Windows and Android tablets will be far behind fighting with each others.

If Google feels this new situation threatening they might publish their own Google tablet (Nexus tablet) via Motorola. Most likely they are already working on it.


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